Driven by Data

Selecting KPIs to Track Your School’s Operations

Data dashboard, data tools, data visualization, data-driven decision making — data everything is all the rage in education. And for good reason. Timely and understandable data, appropriately used, can have an incredible impact on outcomes for kids. 

There’s little buzz, however, about data on the operational side of schools. A strong operations function is like a house’s foundation: invisible, unglamorous, but absolutely essential. The ability to accurately assess performance, target problem areas, and drive operational improvement is as critical for a school’s long-term success as great curriculum and effective pedagogy. To kick-start a data-driven approach to operations, we suggest developing an operations dashboard.

COVID-19 Resources: Supporting Students, Families, and Staff

This post provides information on what you may need to be thinking about in the areas of finance, student data, human resources, student meals, and technology as a result of COVID-19. We will continue to update this as we have more information. If there are specific questions you would like to see answered that you do not see below, please reach out to your EdOps Specialist.

DISCLAIMER: EdOps does not provide legal or tax advice. Consult an attorney or tax accountant for specific questions.


Choosing a Student Information System

The Student Information System (SIS) serves as a school’s database of enrolled students, their attendance, class schedules, parents and emergency contacts, and often much, much more. The SIS is like a school’s brain – critical to its ongoing functioning – and so adopting or switching to a new one is no small decision. Although needs vary between schools, some basic considerations apply across the board. This post aims to familiarize you with some of the main questions to ask yourself (and prospective vendors) before making a decision.