As schools grow and mature, they often need to think about their long-term facility plans - but evaluating the options and financing a suitable space in a tight real estate market poses a challenge for many. Real estate financing transactions require extensive technical expertise that most schools do not maintain in-house. This expertise is difficult to acquire quickly, especially since it can be daunting to simply begin thinking strategically about facilities needs.

Whether you own your building and are looking to refinance existing debt, or you rent and are not sure how to start long-term facilities planning, the EdOps Facilities Finance team can help.

We help schools determine debt capacity, perform financial feasibility studies, lead long-term facilities planning, solicit term sheets from lenders, and provide significant support during the underwriting process. While our extensive facilities finance expertise allows us to act as our clients’ financial advocates in debt negotiations with lenders, we are equally comfortable serving as “translators” to present potential trade-offs to school boards and leadership in simple, accessible terms. When supporting schools in this work, we evaluate known factors, scenario plan around unknowns, and consider the softer, philosophical aspects of a decision. For example, school leadership and board members may have reasonable differences of opinion about the amount of interest rate risk a school should assume. We help the board and the executive team understand the financial tradeoffs inherent in such positions.

Our expertise and experience in working with schools – understanding their economic drivers, concerns, and needs – infuse all we do.

For more information on how we can help figure out how to strategically finance your school’s facility, contact us at