In order to remain financially sound, schools must continually adapt to the changing dynamics of enrollment, staffing, government funding, and facilities availability. It is not enough to maintain clean financials; schools must be responsive to changes throughout the school year and strategic in long-term financial planning.

The EdOps Finance Team supports schools as their finance & accounting department, covering functions from CFO to controller and bookkeeper, all with a strategic eye towards making the data actionable for schools.

We specialize in schools and have developed deep expertise in providing services tailored to their unique needs. We create budgets that capture the vision and direction of the school, prepare accurate and compliant financial reports, act as a primary interface for annual financial audits, and provide forward-looking analysis and insight on school fiscal performance, among other functions. Our industry-specific knowledge positions us to support the financial aspects of grants administration, advise on financial best practices, and provide industry comparison data that helps to answer the question “How do we compare to other schools?”.

We have built an organizational understanding of the financial and regulatory challenges schools face through our long tenure and breadth of experience. We balance rigorous quantitative analysis with digestible visualizations of complex financial data that communicate the essence of the story to schools’ leadership and boards. Our experience with a wide variety of schools enables us to quickly diagnose and help resolve financial and operational pain points. There are few financial problems that we haven’t seen (and solved). And our finance team undergoes continuous and rigorous professional development to ensure that we remain experts when laws and regulations change or when new trends in school finance emerge.

Maintaining an in-house finance team with the breadth of knowledge and expertise that EdOps can provide is difficult and costly. We are here to help our clients think strategically about their business and operations so that they can focus their energy and resources on educating their students.

Finance & Accounting Services Offered

  • Policies & Practices Review
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Statements Analysis & Board Support
  • Audit & 990 Support
  • Federal Grants Management
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Close
  • Payroll Administration
  • Accounts Payable

For more information on how we can support your school’s finance function, contact us at