National Perspective and Local Firm Service

Since 2002, EdOps has worked with some of the nation’s best schools and education-focused nonprofits. As one of the nation’s leaders in operational support and advisory support for schools, we work with school leaders daily to provide operational support and help them to think strategically about their operations – whether in finance, student data, facilities, or human resources.

Ready to start a charter school?

Obtaining a charter to operate a school can be an intense and confusing process for many aspiring school founders. We’re here to make the process easier. We have extensive experience supporting school leaders successfully apply for charter authorization and prepare for their first day of school. We help new charter schools in the following two ways:

  1. Application support  - For a nominal fee, we will support your charter application from start to finish. We will hear your vision and help you bring your vision to life through your application. We will take the lead on the technical aspects of building your budget to include with your application. We will also provide application revision and feedback based on our knowledge and experience supporting dozens of charter school applicants in Michigan and around the country.
  2. Start-up year services  - The planning year is often a challenging time for new charter schools. EdOps is committed to supporting charter schools during their planning year to ensure a smooth, efficient, and compliant start to operations. We offer a comprehensive start-up services package for our planning year clients. The package includes setting up critical finance, HR, and student data infrastructure and processes, training key staff members (e.g. Directors of Operations, Directors of HR), and ongoing reporting & support throughout the planning year.

Why EdOps?

  1. School expertise - We specialize in schools and have developed a deep expertise in serving them. Our national perspective combined with our deep Michigan knowledge has enabled us to build an understanding of the operational challenges that Michigan schools face that is unmatched by other providers.
  2. Best-in-class analytics –  At EdOps, accurate accounting is the baseline of our excellent service to clients, but you are getting much more than that with our services. Our unique value is our unparalleled financial and data reporting and analytics that support high-quality decision-making for our school partners. 
  3. Executive-level quality - Since we have sat in the chair of school leaders, we serve as a sounding board that truly understands the needs of a school leader. Our technical expertise and thoughtful advisory has led us to achieve a 98% retention rate with our clients.

Our Michigan Team

Our Michigan team lives and works in the state and has deep expertise in schools through their work at EdOps and as former educators themselves.


Brian McMillan - Regional Director - Brian leads EdOps’s work in Michigan, providing direct support to schools and ensuring EdOps’s partners receive excellent service. Brian has extensive school finance experience - leading the finance function for four Michigan schools and achieving a 100% clean audit record.


For more information on how we can make your school vision a reality, contact us at

Brian McMillan, Regional Director
Phone: 219-628-0163