We know that a school’s academic success depends on many factors including smooth, efficient, and compliant operations. However, operations staff are frequently called upon to “fire-fight” and react to day-to-day issues, limiting the time they can spend critically assessing operations and designing policies and procedures to increase operational effectiveness.

The EdOps Operations Team offers systems, analysis and reporting to support proactive and compliant operations.

We are a group of strategic advisors with extensive experience in operational assessment and improvement. We work with schools to strengthen their operations - conducting operational risk assessments, recommending changes to mitigate those risks, and providing training and coaching to school staff to expand operational capacity.  

Operational risk assessments help school leaders and boards understand areas of highest risk. During these assessments, our team reviews current documents that codify operations, interviews key stakeholders, and develops and fields customer satisfaction surveys for internal “clients” of the operations team. For schools seeking to strengthen operations, we deliver sequenced recommendations on immediately mitigating the areas of most risk and building overall operational capacity. We develop key performance indicators to assess operational performance, and train school staff on a tactical implementation plan to translate our recommendations into action steps. Additionally, we provide coaching sessions and check-ins with key staff to ensure progress in the implementation of these operational improvement plans and to build capacity.

Whether you are looking to answer broad, organizational strategy questions such as “should our schools focus our operational leadership centrally or at the campus level?” or to make tactical changes to discrete processes or job descriptions, we can help.

For more information on how we can work together to achieve a more efficient and compliant organization, contact us at dan@ed-ops.com.