EdOps specializes in the finance, student data and operations work of leading schools. Our mission is to minimize the financial, operational, and compliance demands of running a school and to support education leaders with data-driven insights to improve student outcomes. We believe that our approach and depth of experience serving schools makes us an ideal partner.

School Expertise
Since 2002, we have specialized in schools and have developed a breadth and depth of experience in serving the needs of a wide variety of schools, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client. We currently provide support to approximately 80 school organizations and have earned a 98% three-year retention rate with our clients.

EdOps’s support, counsel, and recommendations always represent our view of what is best for our clients and just as important, we will operate as if we are internal members of your team – invested in your success.

Executive-level Quality
We can provide access to expanded resources and expertise that is typically only available at large networks. You will work with an experienced strategic thought-partners who can help you achieve your goals.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Across all service lines, our goal is to analyze and communicate information to enable high-quality decision making. We put the focus on where schools need to change to improve.

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