Our mission is to minimize the financial, operational, and compliance demands of running a school and support education leaders with data-driven insights to improve their schools.

Finance & Accounting

EdOps functions as your finance & accounting team—from CFO to accountant. We manage budgeting, accounting, grants, reporting and more – all with a strategic, forward-looking viewpoint.

Student Data

EdOps partners with schools as a full service data management, analysis and reporting provider to improve data-driven decision making, increase data quality, ensure data reporting compliance and enable school leaders to focus more time on teaching and learning.

Facilities Support

EdOps supports and drives facilities financing projects from beginning to end—from feasibility studies to procuring needed financing to supporting through closing and beyond.

Human Resources

EdOps supports schools with systems, analysis and reporting to improve HR procedures, provide insight into staff demographic trends to enable decision-making, promote timely compliance, extend capacity of school HR team, and tighten financial oversight of staff-related expenses.

Strategic Consulting

EdOps helps you solve critical problems with solutions aligned to your mission and vision. How do you compare to your peers? Are you operating efficiently? What are your strategic growth options?


From procurement to a deeper engagement, we can help with all aspects of operations with a focus on efficiency and risk management.