Start-up Process

A school’s planning year presents a set of challenges for founding groups. Most schools must focus on securing a facility, finalizing their programmatic offering, and recruiting staff and students – all while working with a limited planning year staff. These activities represent the right focus for school founders, but it is also imperative that the planning year is used to develop the operational processes and procedures that will underpin programmatic success and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations upon school opening.

EdOps supports schools during their planning year to ensure a smooth, efficient, and compliant start to operations.

We offer a comprehensive start-up services package for our planning year clients. The package includes setting up critical finance, HR, and student data infrastructure and processes, training key staff members (e.g., Directors of Operations, Directors of HR), and ongoing financial reporting & accounting support throughout the planning year.

Application Process

Additionally, we work with founding groups during the charter school application process to help them realize their vision.  We begin by providing support to applicant groups in the budgeting process. We are experts in state funding formulas and have a deep understanding of the costs around the various elements required to run a school. We lead founding teams through an iterative process to arrive at a budget that both works from an application standpoint and, more importantly, is a realistic and financially sustainable implementation of their vision.  We also offer editorial support to groups in crafting the narrative business and operations plan sections of their applications. We draw upon our expertise in charter operations and compliance to help our clients lay out realistic and technically sound business and operations plans for their schools.

Start-up Services Offered

Applicant Services Offered

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