Our consulting team is a nimble group of skilled, accessible professionals with extensive experience in school operations. We are EdOps’s go-to team for discrete projects of all sizes, and we work across our finance, facilities, student data, HR analytics, and operations service lines to help our clients improve their schools.

Whether you’re a large district looking to solve your toughest problem, a charter school network writing a new strategic plan, or a single-campus school struggling to improve a routine - but frustrating - process, the EdOps Consulting Team will meet you where you are and provide a thoughtful and practical solution.

While we have deep insight into best practices from schools around the country, we take pride in tailoring our work to each organization by asking our clients the right questions and listening to their answers. We balance our knowledge of ideal-state school operations with recognition of what’s realistic and implementable at a specific school and time. To support implementation, we work across all levels of schools - from board members to front-desk staff - as the project demands. In short, we give schools a solution that fits and sticks.

As a specialized service group, we are an agile team supported by all of EdOps’s resources across multiple states, five service lines, and over 100 schools. We’ve worked with school start-up teams, schools looking to scale for the very first time, and schools with century-long histories - as well as the foundations, associations, and authorizers who support them. We benefit from the deep expertise behind our finance, facilities, student data, HR and operations service lines and from the local landscape knowledge of professionals in our multiple offices. When relevant, we pull these staff members directly into your project work - so you can be sure you’re always supported by the best-fit staff from our team.

Struggling with a school operations problem? We can help. For more information, contact us at dan@ed-ops.com.