Schools need to organize, analyze and report on a growing amount of student data in order to successfully serve students and families. This can be challenging because the data must be drawn from a variety of sources, integrated into a consistent narrative, and presented to various audiences with different purposes - all on firm timelines that can be costly to miss.

The EdOps Data Team - comprised of experts in data visualization, SIS and database management, local and state accountability frameworks, data process design, and student data compliance reporting - partners with schools to produce high-quality insights that transform the way academic and operational decisions are made.

We skillfully weave together information from multiple data sources, including interim assessment results, state tests, and student information systems to produce a clear narrative surrounding school performance. These reports are tailored for audiences ranging from school staff to executive board leadership.

Schools use our services in three primary areas: student data analysis, student data management, and enrollment compliance. Through these offerings, we help schools spend less time aggregating data and more time developing effective solutions to elevate student performance. To enhance student data analysis, we develop reports and dashboards ranging from attendance and discipline trends to grade distribution and state test forecasting. We lead the management of internal and external information systems to increase our clients’ data capabilities by managing SIS setup, linking the core SIS to relevant external systems, and training staff on data system use and management. We support schools throughout the enrollment cycle with accurate data collection, tracking, and reporting to ensure compliance with local regulations. Our reports help every layer of the organization understand student performance to improve outcomes and meet the organization's mission.

We want to help your school lead with data-driven decision making. For more information, contact us at