Since our founding, we have focused on making EdOps an enjoyable place to work. Below are some of the ways in which we support our team.


Impactful WorkEdOps provides an opportunity for you to do what you do best while furthering the mission of improving student achievement through operational excellence. We are supporting the management of schools through a combination of direct service and analysis of their data-intensive functions, as well as creating and communicating insights that schools can understand and use to improve academic achievement.

Providing PerspectiveWe believe that understanding the complexities of the broader education landscape will make us better able to serve our clients and more connected to the outcomes of our work. We know that staff have varying levels of experience with education. For all of us to continue learning together, EdOps hosts Lunch & Learn discussions and maintains a curated library of educational books.


InnovationThe underlying theme of everything we do is constant improvement. We believe in encouraging employees to test out new ideas and reward those who come up with successful ones.

AutonomyOur goal is for you to be (and to be viewed as) the subject-matter expert for your schools. Work is not performed by one person and then claimed by another. Additionally, we aim to minimize internal reporting requirements to allow you to devote as much energy to the needs of your schools as possible.

CoachingManagement’s role is to support you in growing your skills, accomplishing your tasks and becoming that key partner to your schools.

LearningWe eagerly share ideas and resources with each other and work as a team to solve problems and serve our schools’ interests. We provide regular opportunities for structured professional development through internally developed trainings based on our in-house expertise, supplemented with external opportunities when the knowledge-base is not sufficient within the organization.


FlexibilityWe have implicit trust in you and will not micro-manage how you are spending your days. We are concerned with measuring the work product, not the work effort. Consequently, we provide the flexibility to work away from the office to allow for a better balance between your work and home lives.

Time AwayWe provide unlimited paid time off to ensure you have opportunities to take breaks and unwind when needed. We have an eight-week parental leave policy to allow for increased time and bonding with your new child.

EngagementDuring your time at the office, we host and sponsor regular activities to make your time more engaging, including game nights, happy hours, organized trips and volunteer events.


High ExpectationsYou are expected to possess technical and analytical acumen, coupled with the communication skills and “polish” to fill the role of management-level positions at our schools.  We expect staff to be independent problem solvers and strategic thinkers who require relatively little “entry level” development.

Financial CompensationThose who rise to meet these high expectations are fairly rewarded for their contributions.  EdOps offers relatively competitive starting salaries and provides significant annual increases to staff who meet the bar we have set. In addition to base compensation, EdOps maintains an equity incentive plan to provide additional upside participation in the growth of the company as a whole.

Career GrowthIn addition to being rewarded financially, top performing staff are promoted into roles of increasing responsibility and authority. Although we have historically been an intentionally flat organization, as we grow, we have developed and will continue to develop customized career paths to aid retention and ensure we are leveraging our top performers to support EdOps’s goal of becoming the leading national provider in terms of QUALITY of data-intensive school services.